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A President fires an FBI Director and GOP could not care less


Donald Trump’s decision to fire the FBI director, James Comey, who was investigating links between the president’s associates and the Russian government, has taken US democracy into dark and dangerous new territory. That was the assessment of Democratic leaders, legal observers and security experts last night, with some drawing direct comparisons to Watergate and tinpot dictatorships. (The Guardian)


An FBI director is given a severe term of occupancy because it’s important for the top cop to be out of reach (barring egregious insubordination) of political interference.

So when The Rump fired James Comey yesterday America went into shock. Wait. We must clarify that. Anyone who wasn’t in the tank for Trump were shocked.

The Trumpers, measly, worm-ridden, shit-for-brains sycophants, all went Alfred E Neuman, wobbleheading their empty noggins in unison with the GOP, offering soulless platitudes and unlikely red herrings in favor of their moronic leader. No guts in the GOP. No guts because the GOP in unison are in favor of one thing and one thing only.

“What Us Worry?”

The New York Times has reported that Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, was “charged with coming up with reasons to fire him”. The official reason offered was Comey’s handling of the enquiry into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for classified information. Comey’s announcement in July 2016 that there would no be prosecution, while criticising the Democratic presidential candidate and her aides for being “extremely careless” in their handling of classified material, is singled out in a memo by the newly appointed deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. (The Guardian)

Look. The reason Comey was fired? It’s because Trump knows that he was trolling for funds to beef up the Russia / Trump election collusion investigation. Comey and his troop have subpoenaed a grand jury. They were putting a great amount of effort to assure America and the Senate inquiry that they were stretching resources to up the ante.

Also, Trump was not happy with Comey’s refusal to announce that their investigation was not targeting, you know, the president of the USA.

The fact that Comey’s dismissal notice included a notation that Comey had told Trump that he had exonerated Trump not once, not twice but three times at some point during his presidential term, is perplexing. It sounds like a line inserted by an idiot. So we all know that Trump himself asked for it. He told the world that Comey had asked for the dinner. Nope. Lie. Trump asked for it. The phone calls? I’m guessing another lie.

Chris Cuomo, a CNN reporter and morning host, challenged Kellyanne Conway on the introduction of the “You’re fired Jim!” missive.

He asked Conway when these three affirmations happened. Because the press nor the people had heard anything of that nature emanating from the piehole of Comey. Comey never once said that the Trump investigation was moving on without any reference to the man in charge. In fact Comey went out of his way to deny that anyone in the White House was exempt from scrutiny. Including, you know, the President, who we call The Rump.

So Cuomo asked Conway. What is it? Is the president lying about Comey’s conversations? Or, even more disturbing, is Comey snuggling up to the president of the USA giving him classified information about an ongoing investigation? Or, even more disturbing than that: Is the president going to the FBI and meddling in an ongoing investigation into Trump campaign shenanigans involving Russian hacking in the 2016 presidential election?

Cuomo is a lawyer and he’s pretty astute and it’s a good set of questions. Because unless Trump has proof that Comey told the president three times that he was cleared? Then the president is lying. Again.

And if Comey said that? Then both men are in serious breach of presidential and FBI ethics. In short. If Comey was releasing information to the president it was illegal by any definition of terms.

Conway said she couldn’t answer for the president, however she could apologize to the democratic party because Comey, according to President Trump, the main reason Comey was fired was because he had acted terribly back in July, 2016 when he made inappropriate remarks regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Which, even in Bizarro World, is a ludicrous, asinine, motherfucking lie.

We now know why Comey was fired.

It’s because Donald Trump wants this Russia inquiry put to rest. And Comey refused to let up. In fact he told the Senate inquiry that not only was he not letting up, but his boys were ramping up the investigation.

And he would not rule out the president. He said all players were on the table.


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