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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Friday told prominent Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord that he would defend the president even if he “took a dump on his desk.”

“If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it,” Cooper said. (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)

Begging the question: Why in hell does CNN pay this guy Jeffrey Lord who brings nothing to any conversation except red herrings, glib nonsense and laughable false equivalencies.

And why, shortly after the brilliant remark, did anderson Cooper find it necessary to apologize to Lord, who is certainly, if not totally deranged, on the fast train to crazy land.

This guy Lord is the same guy who keeps telling America that the KKK organization is an arm of the southern Democratic party. (He’s talking about the Dixiecrats back in the 50s and 60s.) He recently compared The Rump to Martin Luther King. Declaring The Rump was “the Martin Luther King of healthcare reform.”

The maddening inanity of Lord, a complete nutjob, is evinced below in a typical Lord moment.


There is nothing compelling about Jeff Lord. He is a walking obfuscation.

The only positive thing anyone can say about his sycophantic whinging?

He’s less irritating that the number one lickspittle Kellyanne Conway.

Please, please CNN, rip up his contract. Save yourself some money and save us from the grumbling, mumbling and stumbling bullshit emanating from the horse’s arse.

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