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Terrance Gavan – Fractious and Confused

“Nato is obsolete,” says Trump.

“I said it was obsolete … it’s no longer obsolete. Everybody knows it.”

The reason TheRump is in a quagmire of hurt right now vis-a-vis Russia is not because 17 American security agencies condemned Russia for their part in destabilizing and interfering in an America election. It’s because TheRump continues to support the Russians.

That’s a problem because he’s the duly elected president. And what’s wrong is pretty simple. Just a week ago Trump was still saying, “if the Russians hacked the election …”

He is. Dumb. As. A. Brick!

If. If … he said it in the infamous Lester Holt NBC interview and he said it a few times after. The problem is … all 17 agencies that have interests in protecting the USA against Russian and other influences have put forth their opinions. A long time ago, all 17 agencies including the NSA, FBI and CIA, a golden triangle of intelligence assay, told the president that Russia hacked the election. No if; no and; no but. The Kremlin put its big fat nose right into the fray and dirty spectacle of a US federal election. They left a big f-you jackboot onto the welcome mat of a western democracy and they made a mockery of it.

About 130 or so days in, TheRump is still going with his absolutely insane notion that the hack could have been instigated by a 400-pound Snickers and Cheetoh munching Albanian living with his mom and 9 cats. That’s not just stupid, it’s bloody treasonous. America, it’s time to wake up and realize that sitting in the white house is a seditious moron with the perspicacity of a rolling slug.

A recent Politico article noted that Trump has absolutely no perspective or nuance vis-a-vis Russian motive, current events or European history. He is … clueless.

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited President Donald Trump at the White House in March, she brought a visual aid to help Trump understand the menace posed by his would-be friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Merkel brought out a 1980s map of the former Soviet Union and noted the way its borders stretched for hundreds of miles to the west of Russia’s current boundary, according to a source who was briefed on the meeting. The German leader explained that Putin laments the Soviet Union’s demise and, left unchecked, would happily restore its former borders. Merkel left Washington unconvinced that Trump had gotten the message, the source said. (A spokesman for the German embassy in Washington declined to comment on a private meeting. The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)

Please note that Merkel realized that she had to bring visual aids to the meeting. That’s bloody embarrassing. I mean if you’re an American citizen, that’s embarrassing because that fact, visual aids, is something that’s being passed around in diplomatic circles regarding how to handle the unhinged leader of the free world.

Seriously. Foreign diplomats and leaders are developing methods on how to keep the doddering  racist engaged. His own security briefers have their own way of handling the president’s attention deficit disorder.

They have found that the only way to keep the Rump involved in security briefings (the ones he attends that is) is to mention his name. That’s because they’ve found that if they use his name? He keeps reading. True, this is absolutely true. Also, he does not like a lot of words, so they are learning to insert a lot of bar graphs, venn diagrams, circle graphs and pictures. He likes pictures. And dinosaurs. Nothing gets his attention more than a ferocious velociraptor cartoon gif..

Think of it. A man who has the attention span of a gopher bolting from a coyote is being fed ultra sensitive spy stuff. The sitting president is being briefed with the willy nilly ad hoc art that we use to keep kindergarten students awake.

“Donald … Donald J Trump … sit up straight. Yes Donald, there’s a squirrel in the window. I know. Donald come back here. Look, looky looky. Look at my iPad. Look Donald, here’s a picture of a bomb exploding. Surely, that’s more interesting than that block squirrel. Yes, Donald, that’s a cat. Okay, puddy tat, I know what a bloody cat is Donald. You have to look at these pretty red, white and blue graphs Donald! Look, here’s you name … and it says top secret! Leave the fucking cat alone Donald. Look a missile just took off from North Korea Donals. Look at the smoke … oh shit he thinks it’s nap time … DONALD! Wake up!”

Then? Well, then, the parts that he retained? About 4 to 5 percent? He blurts that shit out to two Russian spies in the oval office. That’s right. To the Russians, who he is still saying did not hack the election. Bonus!

“People are confused and suspicious,” said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who served as NATO’s secretary general until 2014. “What is needed is a clearly formulated American policy on Russia. The reason why people are preoccupied by all the investigations [in Washington] is that there is no clear Russia policy.”

So why is it important that this man, TheRump, is removed? Because it’s gone well beyond the SNL stage. I mean Alec Baldwin is a hoot, but a seriously deranged and impotent man in charge of the world? That’s serious stuff.

He hangs like a Turin Shroud above a world stage. Not quite dead, but getting there quickly. He’s a symbol, but a symbol of what?

TheRump is mentally damaged. Call it malignant narcissism or malevolent psychopathy, there’s something not quite right in this man’s noodle.

Please do what we do here at Resist the urge to normalize a flawed man. If you’re an american citizen you owe it to yourself to stand up, march, write, phone and blog.

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