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What is the 25th amendment someone asked.

It’s an amendment that allows for the removal of the president of the USA by congress if it is deemed that the sitting POTUS is more that 12 bricks shy of a bungalow.

Or you know, if you get shot, and have dropped into a coma or a vegetative state.

Section 3 of the amendment states that if the president declares in writing an inability to perform the duties of his office to the president pro tempore of the Senate and to the Speaker of the House, the vice president becomes the acting president until the president regains his abilities and takes back the office with a written notice. Section 2 notes that if there is a vacancy in the position of vice president, the president nominates one. The nominee must be approved by Congress before taking office. (

Or, perhaps if you have lost the will to govern through mental incapacity.

Who the hell does not get what we’re doing here?

There is a 70 plus year old man running the US government right now who is, if not completely out of his gourd, approaching neuronic nadir with the alacrity of a cheetah closing on crippled rabbit.

Donald Trump is hazy on the truth, hazy on the facts and downright oblivious to reality.

When Donald Trump rode down the escalator back in 2015 to announce his run for president and called Mexicans rapists, drug mules, killers and lazy? I clapped. Surely, his bid died at the trough of such indecent and inflammatory rhetoric.

When he mocked a reporter with a physical tic? I cheered. Surely this presents one of the lowest bars to common decency I had ever witnessed sober. Nope.

When he chewed Tic-Tacs while dismounting a bus with Billy Bush bragging to the world (not known at the time) that he was a misogynist and a sex criminal I pulled the Trax over to the side of the road and coughed just a bit. Nope.

We could go on. But it’s enough to add that he has appointed a special team to investigate the voting booths of America because he once tweeted that if it was not for stolen franchises he would have won the popular vote against Hillary Clinton.

Hillary collected over 3 million more votes in the general election. Trump, through that anachronism called the electoral college ended up with a true mandate of about 80,000 votes divided over three states. So less than 30,000 votes in a triumvirate of states in some place called the rust belt.

Now, he has asked his lickspittles to fan out across America collecting names, numbers, religious affiliations and financial status on every voter in America.

Remember another scary guy who did this? He wanted to put stars (not the good kind that your grade one teacher used to deliver) on Jews, Because he did not like Jews. Donald Trump does not like Hillary voters.

This is what in the good old days that other crazy guy circa 1936 in tails and bristle moustache used to call the pogrom. We found out later that the other guy, Adolf Hitler, was literally insane. Whether it was down to syphilis, schizophrenia, or bad drugs we will never know. But when you have two-thirds of your generals looking to put a bullet in your noodle? We must infer that the guy was totally fruit loopy.

The science wing of the White House stands empty. Prosecutors are resigning or asking Trump to fire him and Rex Tillerson the secretary of state is pissed and screaming at the sitting president’s minions who apparently have no idea who he is.

Congress is slowly and silently stripping Trump of powers to make war on a whim.

The vice-president Mike Pence has gone walkabout. Everyone in the Trump cabinet have lawyered up. A special counsel named Robert Mueller has hired more than two handfuls of the highest paid and brightest legal minds in America because Mueller, a former Director of the FBI, believes that someone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere in the free elections of the most stable democracy in the history of the world.

Trump does not believe that the Russians were responsible for the hacking of a democracy. And neither do his ass-kissing cabinet or the Republican Party.

Now, where’s Pence?

He’s not out hunting dinosaur bones at a Colorado dig. He does not believe in dinosaurs or Darwin.

He does believe in the 25th Amendment. And he does believe his former running mate is absolutely insane.

Just saying.


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