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There’s a moron in the White House and he’s on Putin’s payroll

Seamus O’Bradaigh

There should be no doubt that Donald Trump is a moron. He hired a defrocked piece of shit former general who was shooed out of Barack Obama’s white house with due haste because Obama was assured that the man in question, Michael Flynn, was on the take or taking on special ops that were anathema to the people of the USA.

He then told the moron-in-chief that under no circumstances should Donald Trump rehire Flynn to any position. Obama was clear, crystal clear on this point. Do not hire this man because he has been compromised by Russia and in particular one Russian, Vladimir Putin, who used to run point for the now defunct KGB.

Donald Trump hired Flynn as his top security advisor. Sally Yates then warned Trump about Flynn, making an urgent visit to impress upon the president that Flynn was compromised by the Russians. Trump ignored the warning, because the man is delusional and beyond repair, and then he fired Yates for presumed loyalty issues.

There is nothing redeemable about the Trump White House. He has tweeted just now that there is no collusion presumed by Flynn’s deal with special prosecutor Bob Mueller. “No collusion . . . no collusion,” says Trump. He is now in the process of chucking his former Bestie under the slow-rolling treads of a Sherman Tank.

Clearly Trump is unaware how federal prosecutors conduct business. If it was ending with Flynn? Well then the defrocked general would be doing 20 to life in Leavenworth. The petty residual of his charges can now be contained within four counts of perjury. That’s a one to five clip. That’s the same kind of deal that Freddy ‘Da Nose’ Scapella made when he copped to 22 killings and got two years suspended with witness protection.

Trump is insane, so this shoots well above his orbit. He’s walking around the White House right now with a laconic lazy eye perusing the furniture imbued with the intellectual acumen of Jerzy Kozinsky’s Chance the gardener. So he does not understand that when your former best friend ever (BFE) shitfucks a plea what he’s really doing is spilling his guts to the man who just happens to be investigating the Trump election team for crimes against America. Trump is just that dumb.

And today he’s tweeting the crap out of Flynn, calling him a liar and . . . well, a liar again and wait . . . now, again. He’s also walking back nearly everything he said to FBI Director, James Comey, when he asked the former top cop to give Flynn a break, because you know, he’s a really good guy.

“I had to fire Flynn, because he lied to the vice-president and he lied to the FBI,” says Trump today. Calling the guy that holds your future in your hands a liar is not terribly smart. Sure, Flynn is a liar, but he was lying for you Mr. President. The strategy is underwhelming and it is especially annoying for all of his lickspittles who have and will claim that Donald Trump is playing tenth dimensional chess.

See, the president is not playing in a dimensional plane, he’s playing three-delusional checkers, a game devoid of any natural sense of purpose or meaning.

And at that game?

We must admit that Donald Trump is a true champion.


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