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“Can no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” Are there not two dedicated Knights Templar who might be able to mount steeds, don armor and unseat Donald Trump from his Apocalyptic Horse? No One? Anyone? Please?

This scrofulous president has undermined everything we hold dear as human beings. Trump, a malignant narcissist, as diagnosed by 27 renowned psychiatrists, is running amok in the free world with nuclear codes apparently unaware of the power his office provides to him.

Surely if he knew just how stupid he is? He would relinquish his office and resign. “I am one of the most intelligent people and the most intelligent presidents this nation has ever seen … and I have words … I have great words. I’m smarter than the generals all the generals. I know things. Many people say that I am the smartest man who has ever held this office.” (Donald Trump)

And that’s the problem. Malignant narcissists are psychopaths and psychopaths are unable to discern just how sick they really are and that’s why they are able to inflict so much harm upon an unsuspecting society. We tell ourselves that people are intrinsically good. Psychopaths take advantage of our inherent trust and wreak their own special havoc because they’re hard to fathom. Surely god could not conceive of plunging such a person into our midst. Well, guess what people? They’re real and they do not possess empathy, that very thing that makes humans, well, human. Donald Trump looks like a human, talks like a dumb human and walks like a very overweight human. But he’s not. Human. This is how the psychopaths enter our lives. A viable deniability.

“Am I not a man? Do I not bleed?” By the way, this is not a phrase psychopaths use. Testing those particular waters could lead some crazed individual, pissed off with The Donald, to conduct an experiment in real time. When you’re standing in a miasma of a 32 percent popularity rate, one ought not be asking questions like: “Do I not bleed?” Secret Service or no? Someone’s going to the White House with a ceramic machete shoved into his Levis.

Thus Donald Trump, perhaps one of the most loathsome psychopaths of our generation, is come to us, devoid of nuance, devoid of essence and lacking the only thing that keeps the current homo erectus above the fray. Empathy and an ability to love others.

Cognitive dissonance is a human response that in its basest most unfiltered state allows normal humans, which do not include Trump and his ilk of equally malevolent narcissists, to enter into a pact with conscience that in essence says “I’m a good person, so these things I do emit from a wellspring of goodness and love. I’m a good guy. Good guys don’t do bad things … without a good reason.” Oh, sure that’s a tad oversimplified. Hey, I never went to Harvard. Preachers use it all the time. Growing up Catholic I was once told this: “Look, yeah, don’t ever see Father McGrory alone, he’s a good man, but he has a few quirks.”

I grew up in a faith that had cognitive dissonance as it’s 11th commandment. Psychopaths don’t need cognitive dissonance, because their frontal cortex has no requirement for that lifeline. Donald Trump was born this way. Self-interest drives his brain, and his personality, while odious, is a product of his genetic make-up. He is incapable of change because that’s him, the psychopath. Low empath guy, congenital liar, sex offender, racist and a very ugly man.

Hi mother once confided: “I don’t know where I went wrong with Donald … he’s not a nice man.”

Don’t worry Mrs. Trump. Not your fault. He’s got that faulty wiring.

“I could shoot someone of Fifth Avenue and people would still vote for me.” (Donald Trump, 2016 election campaign)

Hyperbole? Nope. Just Donald Trump accepting his lot as the poster child for psychopathy.

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