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“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” Henry II vis Thomas A Becket. Who was assassinated some days later by two knights named Giuliani and Lewandowski. “What miserable drones and traitors have I nurtured and promoted in my household who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born clerk!”


The notion that Jim Comey is acting as some whirling dervish or deep state felon is ludicrous, but it’s the latest in a long storm of abuse that oozes like a seeping wound from the gaping maw of Donald Trump.

What’s odd is that the same pundits and journalists and democrats that now accuse main stream medis’s obsession with a bogus email conspiracy vis Hillary Clinton as the reason the election in 2016 was lost? Are now indulging vocally against Comey with regurgitated vitriol concerning his presumed ‘cattiness’ in his recently released book.

Pick a side Democrats. This scorn and abuse hurled at Comey probably emerges from two statements, one in July 2016 and the other just days in front of the November 8, 2016 presidential election, that many liberals say cost Clinton the election.

Fine. Now. Get over it. Read the book and please dive deeper than the superfluous mentions regarding the president’s orange taint or small hands. These are physical attributes that encompass about .01 percent of the tome. In the book Comey compares the Trump organization to a mob organization. La Cosa Nostra. Our Thing. He delves deep into the important psychological presentiment of a sitting president. His disregard for norms, his vapid sense of self, his self-centered preoccupation with presentation and his tentative dedication to truth.

Liberals. Take the gift. And quit shooting your messengers. As you deflect on Comey and reject his less salubrious passages you are playing into a narrative that the GOP wants. Donald Trump is portraying Comey as a liar and a leaker in the wake of the book launch and the weak-arsed Democrats are piling on with this nonsense.

We repeat. Read the goddamn book. I am. And as I plow through the more stringent parts I see a man who is and always has been consumed by a greater good. He interceded in the John Ashcroft affair when flunkies were sent to the hospital bed of a comatose Attorney General of the United States in an attempt to hijack his signature onto a piece of paper that would okay an attack on privacy rights of every US citizen.

Comey and Bob Mueller (then FBI Director) intervened and quelled the coup d’etat and sent the barbarians away. That’s the man liberals, Democrats and the main stream media are impugning, because he noticed that the president’s tie was too long, his skin fake-tanned and his hands were too small. None of these observations are wrong. Donald Trump is an odd duck with weird hair and a skin color reminiscent of the orange tint of a cirrhosis-ridden bowery boy.

So let’s cut the crap. Quit denuding the messenger because you didn’t like what he did to Hillary. I agree that it was a terrible decision. But guess what? He’s on your side now. More important? He’s on America’s side now. He is telling the country what it needs to hear. That Donald Trump runs the White House like a mob boss. That he’s loose with the truth. That he may have conspired with Russia. That he is a misogynist and a racist. That he wants to undermine the media in a last ditch effort to align his lickspittles against a perceived coup d’etat.

And last. That the Russian government has something on the president of the USA. A Manchurian Candidate occupies the highest post in a government? The fact that he has small digits does not preclude the fact that his hands are hovering atop a bunch of buttons in a football that is within reach of that orange visage 24 hours of every day that Trump is in power.

The democracy is dead when a man comprised of unregulated self-interest is running the nation. The second, third, fourth and fifth rails of the American republic have been usurped by a diagnosed malignant narcissist and instead of facing the threat with any palpable forward thrust? The Democrats are once again stuttering their way into a politically correct torpor, the rigor mortis of a party too stupid to recognize that now is the time to fight.

Now is the time to accept those allies that seek to unite a country against the fascist incursion that is and will remain the Trump cult.

The failure to recognize a deus ex machina when he’s standing on the ramparts defending your Alamo is typical of the gutless wretches on the left. Accept James Comey? Or dis’ him at your peril.

Or? Just read the fucking book without the scrofulous rigor of your moral high ground and Harvard delicacies. Donald Trump is a traitor and there is one man right now who knows it.

His name?

James Comey.

Have gun . . . will travel.


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