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Where is the decency? And why has no GOP lawmaker come up with the cohones to challenge this president? Sycophancy? Fear? Or the end justifies the means capitulation to a flawed and crooked man. A liar. A racist. A sociopath. We could go on, but all this is known and the man, Donald Trump is known to his acolytes as the man who delivers shite, and shit, and shineola.

The evolution of this presidency is ongoing and with a president now extolling the virtues of removing the ACA (Affordable Care Act) in toto, is it time to ask the Democrats to begin the process of impeachment.

Trump now has a toady as his attorney general, and that lickspittle, Bill Barr is proceeding with an aggressive agenda of covering up the Mueller Report while mutely acquiescing to a judicial challenge of Obamacare.

You, America, are coming dangerously close to the Reichstag Fire and the total collapse of your democracy beginning with a full frontal attack on the constitution of the United States.

There is nothing new here. Democracies are uprooted every day and twice on Sundays. Dictators pick Sundays to march on the radio stations and begin the imprisonment of dissidents and media because Sundays are convenient. Pogroms fare better in a blackout.

Too soon? Nope. It’s never too soon. If you studied European history you will know that fascism flourishes in a vacuum. The vacuum here? Mitch McConnell stood before a nation in 2009 and said his Republicans would never cooperate with the agenda of a black president.

He and his apparatchiks fought tooth and nail against the president and even supported the bigoted and racist memes tweeted by an absurd wee man stating that Barrack Obama was born in Kenya.

McConnell blocked the appointment of a Supreme Court justice because he could not stomach the appointment of a judge suggested by a black president.

And yes, it’s about race. The GOP is all about race and anyone who doubts that is supporting the coup and the slide to fascism.

Donald Trump is already an oligarch. He advocates for the racists and the rich, because they got him elected. Trump is a racist, a landlord who was convicted of discriminating against tenants of color. Convicted. By a jury and a court. Of racist lodging practices.

Donald Trump is a sick and damaged man. At least he has an excuse. The GOP have none. Their quest for gerrymandering, voter tampering, and their appeal to the lowest common denominator of the American populus, a racist microcosm of neo-nazi, white supremacists and misogynists who carry their guns obsequiously, while pledging their troth to an absolute mess of a man, Donald Trump.

Your time is up GOP.

You have capitulated to an insane and hollow matchstick.

Reichstag Fire.

You heard it here first.

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