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Somewhere in hell there is a penthouse suite and therein, midst trappings of gilt-edged bric-a-brac, sits, in haughty repose, a stupid man with a vapid look creasing his visage, and he is saying: “I was the best President in the history of the world!”

Everyone in hell is smiling. Because that’s what they do in hell. They pick the dumbest arsehole in the place and they set him up in that penthouse suite and they record him 24-7.

And no one, in heaven, hell or God’s green acre here on earth was ever as dumb as Donald Fucking Trump. No one. In history.

The man went to Michigan last night. And he gave his staid, racist, misogynistic and ignorant speech, the same speech he has been giving since that fateful day in June when he rode an escalator down to an open area and announced that he was running for president.

He called Mexicans rapists and drug mules. So? Nothing changed except the quagmire of stupid and the quicksand of white supremacy is now fully entrenched in the minds of his hostage base, a group of ill-educated, semi-literate and stupid people who believe that Trump was sent by god to save America.

Nietzsche took umbrage vis the concept of an all-knowing creator, capable of determing man’s fate here on earth. Nietzsche had the benefit of hindsight, because he had seen men impersonating god and he was fully aware of the havoc such men induce in a populous right after they get rid of the thinkers. The poets, the scientists, the writers, the thinkers and most important, the men who oppose them.

We are witnessing the rise of another false prophet in Donald Trump and lo and behold, the cuckolds in a party of lickspittles, the GOP, are enhancing and not challenging the beast in their midst.

The beast wields a determined base of crazy people and racists like Thor with his hammer. And make no mistake, Trump is crazier than any of the drooling wolverines that inhabit even the darkest reaches of his band of merry sycophants.

When fascism is on the rise, real men must stand up. The GOP sit on their hands while a madman and racist runs their party into the depths of hell.

There is nothing new about fascism. Human beings have been dealing with autocratic demigods forever. Donald Trump is just another in a long line of wee men who place themselves above the fray.

Donald Trump is a deeply damaged narcissist, but none of these men rise alone. They rise midst the miasma of populism, vacuous lawmakers, and a good theme. Hitler rose via a flawed notion of German exceptionalism, but that was not enough. No, he also had to have a target. Hitler targeted the Jews.

Trump targets the brown. Trump marked his prey from the onset and he did it emerging from an escalator. Fitting that he rode the escalator down to his destination.

The GOP and Donald Trump have been digging deeper into the dark earth with every passing minute.

Just when we think they’ve descended to bottom? They surprise us.

The unleashed and unbridled wrath of Donald Trump apparently has no bottom.

No basement.

Just closer to hell.

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