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Donald’s Trump’s boast about winning 18 club championships is a lie that’s so over-the-top Crazytown it loses all credibility among golfers the second it’s out of his mouth. To double check, I called the only guy who could come close: George “Buddy” Marucci, of Philadelphia. Like Trump, Marucci belongs to more clubs than you can fit in your bag. Like Trump, he’s in the right age bracket, at six years younger than Trump. Like Trump, he’s got all the money he needs to play as many club championships as he can fly to. Unlike Trump, he’s as fine a golfing businessman as you can find. Marucci took 19-year-old Tiger Woods – 24 years his junior – to the last hole of the 1995 US Amateur before finally losing.

So, Buddy Marucci, do YOU have 18 club championships?

“Ha!” he laughed. “No way. I have a few, but nowhere near that many. It’s hard to win a club championship. I might have eight. Tops.”

The joke is that this is not a joke. Trump hates to lose. And be it golf or life or politics or braggadocio? Trump is psychotically addicted to winning.

The fact remains that Trump has won very little. he lost an election by 3.1 million votes and tried to blame it on 3 million illegal votes in California.

He blamed the browns in California and actually set up an investigation into illegal voting. (That was a red herring that was summarily and hilariously dismissed within sic months of its launch.)

He lost a non-existent contest on inauguration size to an uninterested opponent, Barrack Obama, and he blamed that on a false media report.

Trump loses contests that do not even exist.

What better definition of a loser than one who makes up fake contests that he lost and tries to set up a narrative for winning.

Surely that’s not normal. Surely that’s a sign of a deeply ingrained and entrenched psychosis. Surely that’s a sign that the president of the USA is unhinged.

If not? What is it a sign of? A fighter? That’s what his loser friends assert. “You’ve got to understand that Trump hates to lose?”

No we don’t. We do not have to understand the woebegone meanderings of a slovenly racist and an unmitigated narcissist and liar.

That’s the point.

Nowhere does it say that the people are not supposed to tell the emperor that he’s buck naked on stage, spouting haphazardly, with nothing but a false flag and a dis-cognitive brain sending erratic signals to his bloody ego.

President Donald Trump is insane.

Nuff said. Except that he cheats at golf. Golf!

He cheats at golf! In plain view of his opponents who find it strange and delirious.

People on his golf courses openly deride the man for cheating.

And they laugh. Not with him, but at him.

Like we all laugh at cheaters.

Because they’re unhinged and at odds with reality.

Donald Trump. A cheat. A liar. A boor.

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