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Is Donald Trump suffering from Alzheimer’s or some form of brain tumor? That is a question that people must consider as we move forward into the 2020 election campaign.

Trump recently appeared on television slurring the word oranges instead of ‘origins’ and that is concerning.

What drugs the president is taking to reverse the ageing deterioration, and how the medication affecting his decision-making and mental stability are questions that must be addressed. Sooner rather than later.

This is quite concerning and should not be ignored.

He tried to say “origins,” but he misspoke. He clarified with “beginnings,” and by saying “start” about 246 times. But why did he keep going back to try it again, only to say “oranges” every time? It might seem like another innocuous fruit-related slip-of-the-tongue, but like Tim Apple, you have to wonder whether everything’s A-OK upstairs.

Esquire Politics Section

APR 2, 2019

There are no half measures here. If the president of the USA is walking around in a daze (and it seems more and more likely that he has some serious deficits), the possibility of a very real disaster is not only possible but likely.

The man is a sociopath, and a malignant narcissist, and is privy to the nuclear codes with the absolute authority to use them.

What the hell is wrong with the GOP?

They are aware of the loose cannon they unleashed on the world.

He is a slavering, unhinged and volatile psychopath who has already ignited a racist base to commit horrific acts of violence.

What’s next?

God help the union.

Nothing good comes next.

Only disaster and that disaster will be on Mitch McConnell and Keving McCarthy and every Republican that has expressed support for this deluded madman.

And Fox News?

Will go down as the enabler of the madman.

The man is naked and Fox viewers all believe that he’s wearing a three piece suit with a long tie.

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