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Kellyanne Conway’s husband believes President Donald Trump’s mental condition is deteriorating. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s top White House counselor, disagrees.
“No, I don’t share those concerns,” she told reporters on Monday when questioned about her husband George Conway’s weekend tweets calling into doubt Trump’s mental state.

Nothing succeeds like excess. That is the rubric upon which the Trump presidency is based.

A man who is so dumb, so indisputably stupid and so blatantly purged of empath should never inhabit the office of president of the United States of America.

But here he is. A malignant narcissist and reprobate, a crook and a racist, sitting in a place of power that would have the founding fathers questioning the very document they penned.

President Donald Trump has spent the last few weeks trying to bend to his will what are arguably three of the federal government’s least political institutions – the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Reserve and Department of Justice.

Frustrated by the organizations’ deliberate pace and the substance of their decision-making, Trump has tried to remake them in his own image. He’s purging staffers who disagreed with him, or whom he felt were insufficiently loyal at DHS, and he hopes to stock the Fed with vocal political allies who can do his bidding on monetary policy.

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None of this is normal, even though a plethora and a majority of Republicans normalize the ranvings daily.

Trump is a vindictive psychopath and he is the president. Defcon 1 and no one cares. Even the Democrats have no intention of impeaching the man.

That, is quite simply, unbelievable.

Nancy Pelosi, leader of the House, should have started impeachment proceedings immediately following the elections in 2018.

Trump is a clear and present danger and yet?

No one seems to care.

Compare it to John Gotti, the Teflon Don, who maintained a populist base in the boroughs he ran. Gotti gave away turkeys at thanksgiving and held parties at Christmas.

Trump has hijacked a base full of incompetents, dunces and morons and the GOP has surrendered its soul to Trump because of that base of deplorables.

Fox runs the show, because their advertising revenues depend upon that base of morons, slipshits, toothless baboons.

Shit happens, the GOP says, shrugging shoulders wide into open cameras. “He gives us what we want,” they say. “We get our judges and we stay in power because of that base,” they slaver.

Good night sweet prince and piss on the Grand Old Party.

An agglomeration of pissants, lickspittles, crooks, shysters, acolytes, arsekissers and arseholes. The GOP in full regalia. Naked, they stand awaiting judgement, dressed up like a butchered hog.

Slowly roasting on a spit.

With their Oberfuhrer, Donald Trump, smiling over the smoldering coals shouting: “Zis’ ees gut! Yah?”

None of this is normal.

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