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The anachronistic presidential pardon power has to be leveled immediately. It’s a throwback to a feudal system where kings and queens assumed the roles of judge, jury and executioner. Trump’s pardons of the abhorrent Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the sleazy Dinesh D’Souza are clear abuses of the pardon power. Thomas Jefferson could not have dreamed that a malignant narcissist and psychopath could ever be elected. Donald Trump is a shitstain covering the constitution with the stink of his odiferous, oozing sore.

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“I hereby demand.” Those words, uttered by a sitting president, should send chills to the core of one’s being. Trump is demanding that his justice department investigate the investigation into his wrongdoings. Nixon was forced to resign for such blatant philandering with the DOJ and his special counsel. Trump is supported by his minions in the house and senate. Mein Kampf meets Art of the Deal.

Sexual Predator

Donald Trump is a serial abuser of women. He bragged about ogling 15 year old girls at a pageant.

Serial Liar

Since Taking office Donald Trump has lied publicly to the American People 7.1 times per day.


A forum of 27 psychiatric experts declared that Donald Trump is not fit to hold the nuclear codes.

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Trump’s Days Numbered

Donald Trump is close to the end. His law team is gone and all of the reputable law firms in the free world have declined to work for him. John Dowd left in a hurry, citing that his client was unmanageable and dumb as a bag of rabid ferrets. (IMO)



Trump was called a fucking moron by his handpicked secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Tillerson never denied the remark that was leaked by a person in the room.

Now NBC news is reporting that chief of staff John Kelly called the president an idiot on several occasions. It goes further than that though. In a meeting with Mad Dog Mattis Kelly said that Trump was unhinged. Moron, idiot and unhinged. With a cabinet like this? Who needs enemies?


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